MED-CON Medical Gas Back-Feed Assembly


Available for single “H” tank or dual “H” tank installation. Ideal for supplying an uninterrupted flow of oxygen to zones that distribute up to 2750 SCFH.



The components supplied in this kit are compliant with ASSE Series 6000 Recommended Equipment List for Planned Shutdowns and is an integral part of a facility Emergency Preparedness Program. This kit also includes a low pressure cylinder alarm to monitor the contents of ‘H’ cylinders, while leaving line pressure alarms on-line.

Suitable for single or multiple ‘H’ cylinders

System Components

Regulator: CGA 540 oxygen regulator – 2750 SCFH with pressure relief device and line pressure gauge
Alarm: Med-Con A333-02 low pressure cylinder alarm with audio/visual
Hose: High pressure oxygen hose at standard length of 5 feet. Additional lengths available
QC Fittings: Includes choice of Male QC Adapter – Chemetron, Ohmeda or Puritan Bennett. Special configurations also available.
Pigtail: CGA 540 rigid copper pigtail with check valve
Cylinder Tee: CGA 540 high pressure cylinder tee (for dual cylinders)
Case: Hard-shell foam-lined carrying case