Bleeding Control Kit- Basic Individual

The NAR Individual Bleeding Control Kit provides life saving bleeding control equipment such as tourniquets, pressure dressings and gauze bandages and puts them into the hands of the public to help control bleeding and save lives.


The Individual Bleeding Control Kitis designed to provide essential equipment that empowers the general public to take action as immediate responders in stopping life threatening bleeding.Contained in a compact, ruggedized vacuum-sealed pouch, this life saving kit provides intuitive and easy-to-use tools that are proven to help to save lives such as the fastest, safest and most effective prehospital tourniquet in the world, the C-A-T®, quality gauze, shears, and pressure dressings/bandages. Included are step-by-step illustrated “just in time” pictorial instructions, so even untrained providers can help save a life.

(1) C-A-T® Tourniquet
(1) 6 in. Responder ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing)
(2) NAR Compressed Gauze
(2) Pair, Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves, Lg
(1) NAR Trauma Shears, 7.25 in.
(1) Permanent Marker, Small
(1) Just in Time Instruction Card
Dimensions Sealed: 7 in x 5 in x 2.5 in